Dreamy View

Dreamy view... We can make your home design dreams come true too...

With magical views to es Vedra, this project was a dream

When first entering this Ibiza home, we were met by dark wood, small doors and windows, terrible space distribution and strange décor but what was right there with you from all angles and positions was the spectacular es Vedra and sea views.  We had to do something to bring the two into harmony.

We all know about the magical energy of es Vedra, so the plan was to bring the outside in, with colours, energy and feel.

Whites, sandy tones, driftwood, bright turquoise, they all gave harmony with the environment there, the special energy and the dreamy view.

Interior Design that is at one with the energy of the space, the environment and the owner’s dreams and desires is our speciality at Atzaro Design.