Furnishing Design

Part of what makes our design projects so unique, so personalised is the furnishing. In most of our projects, all of the furniture and decoration items are bespoke. Items designed by our Design Director and then hand made by skilled providers from all over the world.

The finishing design touch which ensures your totally personalised space, our bespoke furnishing design element, gives your home or business individuality, as you can be assured the handmade items will be made bespoke for you.

Everything is possible with this part of our design services and the range of items and materials which can be produced is vast. From solid teak furniture in traditional or rustic style, to sharp modern and clean designs, multiple woods for a multitude of furniture pieces, sofas and lounging, lamps and lighting, doors and windows, resins, plastics, metals, woods, ceramics, soft furnishings, decoration pieces and even bespoke paintings, the list is endless. All can be personally designed and hand crafted for you.

Our Design Director creates your design and concept, then once agreed will go on to suggest designs of furnishing pieces. Then she will plan and draw these pieces before having them produced.

This is a unique element which ensures everything is in design and energy harmony with the scheme. Using international providers large and small or talented artisans closer to home, or island based artists, you will be inspired by your individually crafted and designed space with our unique furnishing design.

As part of your design and concept scheme, our design director will lead you through our services to design your furnishings.

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I love all the hand made furniture you have designed in my new home. I have never lived in a place where all the furniture is designed and hand made too, that’s amazing. The combination of natural solid teak wood with pure white corian, natural textures, the soft feel are all so beautiful. All the furniture and decoration items you have designed have made my new home complete and created a beautiful living experience.
‘A’ – Training Executive


The paintings are beautiful and fit the rooms you have placed them in perfectly. They really enhance the whole design. To have paintings created bespoke, is such a treat. Learning that you sketch and design all the paintings yourself, commission and instruct the artist to translate your ideas on to canvas is remarkable. Thank you.
‘R’ – Marketing Director


Wow, I was amazed to realise you designed everything in the building. I have never heard of that before. All the furniture, the decoration, the lighting, kitchen and you even have designed your own line of sinks and baths. Congratulations.
‘K’  – Consultant