Business Design

Invest in your business concept with design. Businesses come and go on the island of Ibiza, as many have the idea to come here and start something new. This is indeed the island of opportunity but why would you not give yourself a head start with that, give yourself an advantage with concept and design.

Coming from the renowned Atzaro group, we at Atzaro Design have developed experience to know how to create that magic that your clients will understand. Feelings, atmosphere and energy created by the design and concept of the business are vital to allow it flow and prosper, to make it a good place to be.

We all understand in these modern times that design and concept are everywhere and in the business world are so important to capture your client’s attention, to seduce them with a comfortable and harmonious space that tells them a story they can relate to.

Design and Concept are highly valuable parts of your business, which if got right, will support your talents, your products and attract an abundant flow. With all the competition on the island, give your business the magic touch, the advantage.

Our Design Director offers you a very considered and personally tailored service. Listening to your design needs, taking into consideration your design preferences, your concept, offering a unique view and sparking your imagination, she creates a design and concept which is in harmony with your message, your product.

Leading our established team, our design director will lead you through our services to design your business.

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mandala Delivery of your designed business

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Your work transformed the business. We opened the first year with another look and it just wasn’t working but then we asked you to create a new concept and design and immediately the business took off. You created our beautiful and stylish beach club with modern bright and fresh design mixed with real Ibiza styled touches. Everyone that comes loves the atmosphere created, it is a real place to be now, the trip advisor reviews are great and the business is a complete success. Thank you.
‘A’ – Business Director


I had an idea to open a new Ibiza country restaurant and found the location. To create the business i asked you to help and what you built, designed and stylised was much more than I ever expected. From scratch you created a beautiful country restaurant in a rustic farm house style, with intimate dining rooms, terraces, bars, gardens and a shop. With muted olive green, whites and natural tones as your chosen colour palette, you created a beautiful location that looks like it has always been here. Creating the authentic Ibiza look with your use of recycled furniture, sourced antique pieces, textures, pots, woods, orange trees and much more, you put it all together so wonderfully to give a specific atmosphere. Your work was inspired and now I have a popular and thriving business, established on the island thanks to your beautiful design and creation.
‘Y’ – Business Owner


The positive comments keep coming all the time about the new look hotel. The guests send so many compliments on the new look rooms and love the new light and energy. They love the attention to detail, how everything is in harmony and the relaxing feeling they enjoy. With the whole hotel, you have taken it back to its roots, back to the finca and back to its story. Everyone who visits the hotel now understands its identity and feels at home with it being luxurious, relaxed and so Ibiza. Thank you
‘A’ – Hotel Reception Team Manager