Dining Beautifully

Chic dining Ibiza style...

Home dining is the time to bond, to relax and to enjoy your home in a social way. The dining area and the dining table are one of the most important places to be in your home.

Like the rest of your home, your dining space should be a glamourous place. An area of your home that makes you feel comfortable, at ease, yet chic at the same time.

In the picture you see a beautiful dining space we completely transformed. This house was originally a completely dark wood Balinese style home, with little light and no glamour. We transformed it and the dining space into a beautiful white stylish home with a mix of Ibiza and the Caribbean. Painted white wood with modern details, white wooden floor, natural suar wood dining table, leather loungers, white lamps with gold copper inside, they all were put together surrounded by palms, dragos and orange trees to create a luxurious dining area that worked beautifully.

So many these days do not give importance to sitting down at a table together and sharing a meal, as the pace of life runs so fast. At Atzaro Design, we understand quality of life and so we recommend always remembering to give importance to your dining space. Living the Ibiza life, beautiful dining just has to be done.

Part of Ibiza life is living your dreams and living them beautifully. With good design, you allow even more glamour into your life. Your dining space, the place you relax, bond, enjoy and entertain should be a true reflection of the Ibiza life you love. At Atzaro Design, our work is all about helping you make your Ibiza dreams come true.

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