Paintings by Design

Beautiful painted window view... we design paintings too...

After we have created your beautiful home with architecture, reform, build, interior design, with everything considered so well, imagine giving your home the finishing touch with bespoke designed paintings.

Our design director takes care of your whole scheme. All details taken care of, all colours, textures, materials, furnishing, all in harmony with the beautiful concept to create your Ibiza lifestyle. As well as designing all you need for your beautiful home, she designs paintings too. Firstly she sketches the picture and then commissions artists to create what she is looking for. Usually she designs paintings to be in harmony with the location, with it’s environment and the whole scheme, so everything fits so perfectly.

This is such a luxury to have paintings designed bespoke, just for you and for your home and something unheard of but at Atzaro Design we think of everything to create beautiful homes, businesses and spaces that are not only inspirational to the mind but pleasing to the heart and soul too.

Our design director like to design to create feelings. feelings of comfort, of ease, to create an energy which helps you to connect to your special space.

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