Cool Natural

Cool natural tones sooth...

Cool natural tones and textures bring a light and soothing atmosphere to your Ibiza home. Ibiza is such a natural place and part of the reason so many come to live on the beautiful island is to be part of the nature and soothed by it.

When one thinks of the nature of Ibiza, some of the elements one thinks of are the salt, the stone, the sun-bleached wood and these natural elements bring a healing, soothing effect. They somehow comfort and connect you to the healing island. When one thinks of the houses, they are historically white and plastered and so this look and feel is in harmony with a modern style too.

Salty soft whites, natural woods, natural textures, light, clean lines, they all sooth.

Interior design in the homes on the island used to be so much about the party and a show off style but now in homes large or small, we have found that people living on the island or setting up home here are looking for the natural touch. They are looking for the natural elemental look and feel in their homes, that allows them to feel connected to where they are, to Ibiza. Presenting these elements in a cool, modern, clean look way, gives a contemporary twist to the natural look and creates a well designed environment which is pleasing and inspirational to the modern eye.

Ibiza is now and has always been a haven from the busy world and in these hectic times, the island represents a natural paradise to escape the rest of the crazy world. With design in mind, your home environment should reflect your desire for being on the island. you want your home to make you feel connected, relaxed, soothed.

Coming from the heritage of the island, we really understand Ibiza design and whether modern or more traditional, we love to create beautiful home environments with cool natural tones and textures to bring light, comfort and a soothing space for you to retreat into

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