Pool Moments

Designed private pool... Just for You...

Swimming pools are such a luxury and to have a private pool of your own is the ultimate.

Stylish and tranquil pool moments are a heavenly part of your Ibiza life and when you have your beautiful designed home on the island, a personally designed swimming pool is a must.

Ibiza living is outdoor living and when on the island, you may not always want to go the beach, which can be so crowded. You have invested time, money and energy into creating your Ibiza lifestyle and being at home on the magical island is very interesting to you. Your Ibiza home is your dream home and it is the private space you love to retreat to. Adding the ultimate luxury of your very own private pool to your home brings style, glamour, relaxation, exercise and peace to your life.

Whether modern or traditional, minimalist or colourful, your private Ibiza pool can be so individually yours. We design everything you could possibly need in your home, from interiors, to furniture, to architecture, to swimming pools too.

Your private place to let go, to relax, to exercise, to get inspired or to dream…

You have worked so hard for what you have achieved and now you have decided you deserve some luxury in your life. You deserve one of the ultimate luxury items, a private pool. You deserve those stylish, tranquil, beautiful pool moments.

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